Gold Dome: Polis to Sign Net Neutrality Bill

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Gov. Jared Polis is about to sign a major net neutrality bill that differs from other states’ efforts by serving as “a fulcrum point for state action.” In other words, it would take away state grants from ISPs that charge customers for prioritized content.

And Polis announced business and nonprofit executive Lu Córdova will be Colorado’s next executive director of the state Department of Revenue.

State lawmakers have agreed to put an extra $70 million for transportation in this year’s budget.

Colorado teens won’t get to vote in school board elections after all.

A pair of state senators are going back to the drawing board after a paid family leave plan failed to win over business leaders and some key Democrats.

Co-working company WeWork said it is on pace to be Denver’s biggest office space user by next year.

The Colorado Court of Appeals overturned fines levied against “foreclosure king” attorney Larry Castle. The court found his law firm did not violate consumer protection laws laws and was wrongly fined for not disclosing certain business connections.

The U.S. Senate is once again turning to its “nuclear option” — this time to severely speed up the confirmation process for low-level federal judges and agency nominees. The move will cut debate time for such nominees from 30 hours to two.

Elon Musk had his day in court for a hearing in Securities and Exchange Commission dispute. The SEC alleged Musk broke the terms of a prior settlement agreement by posting material company information on Twitter, and it likely wants Musk to pay up for a major fine.

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