Gold Dome: The Bomb (Cyclone) is Dropping

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Get ready for the bomb cyclone — government officescourts and a lot of school districts are closed. But it’s the 21st century, and we all just work remotely when , so here’s the news of the rest of the day’s happenings.

A man barricaded himself in the lobby of the governor’s office at the Colorado Capitol on Tuesday before being arrested by law enforcement.

A judge issued a temporary restraining order in a lawsuit between state lawmakers over Democrats’ use of computers to read aloud the state’s death penalty repeal bill after Republicans demanded the bill be read in its entirety.

Attorney General Phil Weiser is making good on his promise to go to battle with the Trump administration. The AG’s office announced a state lawsuit against the Trump administration over its decision to withhold federal grant money over the state’s immigration enforcement.

John Hickenlooper will participate in a CNN town hall in Atlanta on March 20.

Union workers for King Soopers and City Market grocery chains will hold a vote tomorrow and Friday to decide whether 12,000 workers will go on strike.

Colorado’s marijuana business has become a $6 billion industry, and it’s starting to have the corresponding clout at the statehouse.

New Mexico is considering legalizing marijuana and the state government is considering running the pot stores, itself.


Paul Manafort is in his second sentencing today. The big question today is whether his new sentence can be served concurrently with the four years in prison he also received recently.


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