Gold Dome: Hickenlooper Made it Official

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It’s official. Former governor John Hickenlooper is running for president.

And it’s back to work after our cold, snowy weekend. I still got out, despite the snow, but not out to the mountains. And judging by reports of an avalanche (or two?) on I-70 yesterday, that was probably a good decision on my part.

Democrats have introduced their bill to overhaul state oil and gas regulations. One major component of the bill is moving authority to local governments.

We reported on the settlement in the City of Denver’s homeless sweeps case last week. But here’s what the city’s new stance might mean to someone who’s actually experiencing homelessness.

George Brauchler is nervous that the state’s Democratic-led legislature is going to repeal the death penalty. He says voters should have the say (and that so far, when asked, voters have said to keep it).

Sanctuary cities like Denver are still getting federal grants, despite receiving threats of the contrary from the Trump administration.

This shouldn’t be a shock, but Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report is expected to be politically explosive after it comes out.

Sen. Rand Paul is expected to be the deciding vote on President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration that would force the president to issue his first veto.

The House Judiciary Committee launched a broad investigation into President Donald Trump’s inner circle Monday, targeting figures who have worked in his administration and for the Trump Organization businesses.

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