Gold Dome: Colorado Considering Death Penalty Repeal

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Kyle Forti, a Colorado conservative political consultant, died Sunday in a helicopter crash in Kenya.

A bill to repeal the death penalty in Colorado was introduced yesterday; it will get a committee hearing tomorrow afternoon. And here’s your primer on how the current death penalty law works.

The GEO detention center in Aurora was opened up to journalists yesterday who saw the living conditions, the building annex that will be reopened to hold more detainees and learned that some have been quarantined for mumps or chickenpox. Officials running the site have said detainees will be vaccinated going forward.

Another deadline has passed for states to come up with a Colorado River plan. California and Arizona are the holdouts that might end up leaving the decision in governors’ hands or the federal government’s.

A family member of two victims of the Firestone home explosion is speaking out about the tragedy in support of a major oil and gas bill in the state Senate.

Colorado is among the Democratic-led states suing the federal government over its rule that blocks federal funding for clinics that refer patients to abortion providers.

Colorado may consider legislation that would make it harder for parents to opt out of vaccinations for their kids, though no bill on the subject has been introduced yet.

San Diego, which like Denver has seen the electric scooter boom, is the home of a federal lawsuit that claims the scooter operators discriminate against people with disabilities by blocking the public right of way on sidewalks.

High-level members of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet have resigned over allegations that people within the government have tried to interfere with the prosecution of a major Canadian company in a bribery and corruption case.

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