Gold Dome: Gearing up for 2019

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Today is Jan. 2. Everyone is back to work, hopefully refreshed, and around town, everyone is finishing up their best-ofs and look-backs for 2019 and now looking ahead. We have a new law going into effect, new legislators taking office and new goals to meet for the year.

We’re just two days away from the start of the next legislative session. The incoming class of lawmakers includes the state’s first transgender legislator, a new high for Hispanic representation and, as of right now, a majority of women in the House.

And as Democrats take power in the state government, one big question is how far they will go to change the status quo on energy and environmental issues.

Jena Griswold is preparing to take office and has her sights set on campaign finance reform.

And as Gov. John Hickenlooper prepares to leave office, here’s a look back at the changes in Colorado’s economy during his tenure and how much of those changes should be credited to him.

Now that it’s January, you can officially say goodbye to the weak beer served at grocery stores. As of yesterday, they are allowed to sell full-strength beer and some liquor.

What to do with marijuana? State law allows for legislators to send about half of the money raised from taxes on marijuana anywhere they want.

This op-ed calls out the lowlights of 2018 for court access and judicial secrecy.

President Donald Trump is expected to meet with congressional leaders today to discuss a potential end to the government shutdown.

Wells Fargo on Friday agreed to pay $575 million to all 50 states and the District of Columbia to settle civil charges related to the bank’s fake-accounts scandals. Colorado is getting more than $21 million from the pot.

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