Gold Dome: Federal Workers Back on the Job

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Wow — it was bad out there today. It’s too late to change your work plans for the day, but I saw plenty of cars on the side of the road on my way into work. Hopefully your commute was easy enough.

Several busts were destroyed overnight at the Capitol. So far, police don’t know much.

Federal workers are back on the job today. On Friday, the overall consensus was that they were both excited and nervous about the shutdown solution.

U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette was meeting with a group of furloughed federal workers when news that the shutdown was temporarily ending bubbled up. Participants in DeGette’s roundtable said they felt the solution was a Band-Aid.

The owners of the Sweet Leaf marijuana dispensary chain pleaded guilty to drug and racketeering charges on Friday. They will spend one year in prison.

The Republican Party’s power is diminished at the statehouse right now, and the party is split on how to remain relevant.

What does a former governor do when stumping in Iowa? Well, John Hickenlooper served beer in Des Moines.

And he told listeners he was “over-the-top angry” about the state of the country.

State lawmakers are working to alleviate the strain on overworked prison guards with $2 million set aside for overtime pay.

Jeff Johnson was released from prison in November after spending almost 25 years behind bars.

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