Gold Dome: Ballots are in the Mail

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The U.S. Postal Service is a key component of Colorado’s elections, which rely on mail-in ballots.

Young Coloradans are more likely to vote than their peers in other places but still lag behind older voters in the state.

Former California “Governator” Arnold Schwarzenegger is visiting Colorado to stump for Amendments Y and Z, which aimed at ending political gerrymandering in congressional and legislative seats

Voters are being asked this November to vote on initiatives that can drastically change education funding in Colorado.

An attack ad aimed at gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis focuses on an incident between him and a female staffer but leaves out key details.

The 10th Circuit is unlikely to do anything with the ethical complaints filed against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but there is the chance the court could start “an ethical revolution.”

Denver has some growing pains with the swarm of electric scooters taking over the city. And a big problem is car-scooter collisions.

Denver District Attorney Beth McCann said yesterday that police were justified in their shooting of a man they thought was an escaped fugitive. The police department is still investigating the incident.

Immigration attorneys have gotten thousands of deportation cases tossed this summer by challenging the paperwork the government served their clients.

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