Gold Dome: Candidates Gearing up for Primaries

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Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill reauthorizing the Colorado Civil Rights Commission until 2027.

Colorado’s gubernatorial candidates will participate in a debate hosted by 9News June 4. All eight candidates faced off for the first time last weekend.

Colorado’s gubernatorial race is seeing potentially record-breaking spending but because many of the candidates have super PACs raising money, there’s also a lack of financial transparency.

Phil Weiser is working on establishing name recognition ahead of the state’s Democratic attorney general primary with a $500,000 television ad campaign that will run through June.

Fort Collins will support environmental interests in a lawsuit that seeks to bar Colorado oil and gas drilling that could impact human health and contribute to climate change.

The Aurora City Council is moving forward in its search for a replacement for the city’s departed mayor. The council has a 45-day window to find an interim replacement.

Congress approved the first roll-back to Dodd-Frank. Supporters of the changes say they will allow smaller banks to compete more easily.

Neil Gorsuch’s written opinion in the U.S. Supreme Court case earlier this week that involved a 5-4 split is the third time he and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg clashed.

Two senators’ names were involved in fake comments about net neutrality. The senators, one from each party, are telling FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to fix a public commenting system that has let bots produce millions of fraudulent comments under stolen identities.

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