Gold Dome: Boulder Passes Assault Rifle Ban

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Boulder’s City Council voted unanimously last night to ban assault-style weapons. The ban doesn’t affect gun owners who already have them, though.

With a recent tobacco industry settlement, Colorado plans to save an extra $90 million next year in the state’s reserves. But by one credit rating agency’s analysis, it’s still woefully unprepared for the next economic downturn.

A Brighton woman is being “forced pooled” — she lost the mineral rights for the land under her home after one of her neighbors agreed to sell their own.

A death penalty case in El Paso County started with a bang as the defendant threw a laptop across the courtroom. The defendant was temporarily ejected from his own trial.

After passengers were left stranded on a University of Colorado A-Line train for hours last month, the contractor running the train vowed Tuesday night to treat “every disabled train as a full-scale emergency.”

Colorado launched a nearly $1.8 million public awareness campaign Monday aimed at ending the stigma around opioid addiction, with the hopes of encouraging more people to seek treatment.

A five-year-old law that aimed to keep guns away from alleged domestic violence abusers is frequently ignored or unenforced.

The Senate will vote today on net neutrality rules after Democrats forced a vote to restore the rules.

A California judge overturned the state’s physician-assisted suicide law on Tuesday, giving the state attorney general five days to file an appeal to keep the law in place. The judge said the California Legislature violated the law by passing the End of Life Option Act during a special session dedicated to healthcare issues.

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