Gold Dome: Democrats Debate

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Three Democratic gubernatorial candidates faced off in a debate last night. Cary Kennedy, Mike Johnston and Donna Lynn largely saw eye to eye on major issues.

Current Attorney General Cynthia Coffman talked with Westword about why she thinks she’s the best fit for governor.

Colorado’s sexual harassment scandal will go unresolved for now. Legislative leaders decided not to take additional action this session.

A committee in the state legislature sent the budget bill back to the General Assembly as a whole after rejecting more than a dozen changes adopted by the two chambers. The conference did keep much of the added spending that has been added to the bill.

A TABOR challenge could stall the I-25 widening project between Monument and Castle Rock.

A local civil rights attorney says an oil and gas company is trying to silence a CSU student for suing him for chaining himself to a bulldozer as part of a protest. The attorney, Jason Flores-Williams, is seeking dismissal on First Amendment grounds.

Missouri’s governor is facing an investigation and possible impeachment after a state House report released yesterday detailed a potentially abusive sexual encounter between him and his hairdresser.

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments today in a case that will determine whether companies must collect sales tax on items sold in a state where they don’t have a physical presence.

The family of a man who died in a car crash while his Tesla Model X was on autopilot mode is now suing the company. An initial review of the crash suggested the car’s autopilot system misread the lane lines and failed to detect the median or brake ahead of the crash.

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