Gold Dome: Denver Considers Next Steps for Sheriff’s Department Reform

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It’s now up to the Denver mayor to decide what changes should come to the Denver Sheriff’s Department after the Independent Monitor released a report on the department’s failings in the death of Michael Marshall.

The legislature is letting its members know that it’s taking sexual harassment training seriously, even if the attendees don’t. The aide of one Colorado senator was fired after pictures of him during a training with joke captions appeared on social media.

Former Boulder Mayor Bob Greenlee was spared prison but was sentenced to one year of home detention and 10 years of probation for his role in a high-speed crash that killed a woman in southern Colorado in late 2016.

Republican Wayne Williams is running one campaign asking voters to re-elect him as Colorado’s secretary of state and another just asking people to vote.

Lawmakers reached an agreement last night on a transportation funding bill that would postpone asking voters to approve the sale of bonds to pay for transportation projects until 2019.

Gubernatorial candidate Erik Underwood claims to have spent six figures of his own money on his campaign but has not reported a single contribution or expenditure for his campaign. Since he’s the only contributor, he claims he doesn’t need to report it.

The Supreme Court is considering a case that will decide whether Oklahoma can use an alternative lethal injection drug. But if the state fails, it’s still one of a handful of states that has a legal alternative.

A former Playboy model who is suing for the right to talk about her affair with President Donald Trump went ahead and discussed the details, despite not having a judge clear her from her contract.

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