Gold Dome: Dems Call for Cambridge Analytica Investigation

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The Colorado Democratic Party is calling on the Attorney General to investigate the role Cambridge Analytica played in the 2014 election, calling the state “ground zero for the Cambridge Analytica scandal.”

A federal judge struck down parts of Colorado’s “Raise the Bar” amendment. Judge William Martinez ruled against a requirement that required anyone seeking to get a proposed amendment on the ballot must collect signatures from all 35 Senate districts.

The Colorado House voted to move forward with a bill that would extend a protections for rape victims in criminal cases to civil cases as well. The bill received unanimous support from state representatives.

A CU sociology professor said with a judge’s recent ruling to reverse a death penalty sentence because exculpatory evidence was kept from trial, there might be three paths to repealing the death penalty in Colorado.

Colorado has never had a female governor, but three candidates in the gubernatorial race are showing that might change soon.

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman announced yesterday the state will receive $107 million next month from Big Tobacco, the latest payment related to the 1998 settlement between cigarette companies and multiple states.

The Bureau of Land Management this week said the agency is proposing oil and gas leases on nearly 22,000 acres of federal land across a swath of Colorado and accepting public comments on the proposal. None are planned to be in San Luis Valley and none are part of Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve.

Justice Neil Gorsuch’s appointment shows that Republicans have a new litmus test for would-be judges: they have to be willing to shrink the “administrative state.”

Uber agreed to pay $10 million and make changes to its employee evaluation system, ending a proposed class action brought by female software engineers and engineers of color who claim they aren’t paid equally by the company.

New York, California and other states are fighting a question on the 2020 census that would ask whether people are citizens. The states argue the question could stop immigrants from participating and skew the makeup of Congress.

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