Gold Dome: AGs Go After Facebook

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Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman joined a group of 36 attorneys general in demanding answers from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg amid reports that user information from the social media site was provided to third parties without consent.

The Colorado Senate put its stamp of approval on a state pension reform bill to shore up the public retirement system’s finances, while largely shielding taxpayers from the costs.

In the potentially last step in the strange legal saga of Cuban immigrant Rene Lima-Marin, who was released from prison accidentally and re-arrested, was released again.

New details from Cambridge Analytica show the firm might have had a bigger role than suspected in helping Republicans secure state seats in 2014.

The Denver District Attorney’s office dismissed criminal fraud charges against a Denver business man accused of security fraud.

The state legislator looks to curb landlord-tenant lawsuits by passing renters’ rights laws. One bill requires landlords to give a copy of their lease and receipts for rent paid in cash.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans on opening the Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge to the public this summer following multiple public forums and a lawsuit that tried to keep the refuge from opening at all.

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment.

Think immigration is getting out of control? We might know for sure in a couple years. The 2020 census is reintroducing a question about citizenship.

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