Gold Dome: Aurora Detention Center Lawsuit Proceeds

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A lawsuit between immigrants and the corporation that runs an Aurora detention center is cleared to move forward in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. The lawsuit seeks more than $5 million in damages for as many as 62,000 detainees.

The Colorado House passed a bill that would make a law out of a court ruling that said oil and gas regulators must consider the impacts on environmental and public health. The bill is now headed to the Senate.

PERA is facing another funding crisis, and while it isn’t projected to run out of money this time, an economic downturn could have a crippling effect.

State lawmakers are looking to extend the paid time off Coloradans receive on voting day to a window for workers to go vote any time the polling centers are open.

Pueblo County looks to be poised to join a lawsuit between Huerfano County and pharmaceutical companies with claims that the drug makers are responsible for the opioid addiction crisis.

The trial involving Uber and autonomous car company Waymo came to a close last week when Waymo agreed to settle. Waymo now gets an ownership stake in Uber and is figuring out how to capitalize on its self-driving car technology.

The No. 3 attorney at the Department of Justice, Rachel Brand, is stepping down. The move is raising eyebrows as some are suspecting it’s a signal that the Trump administration is closing in on the Russia investigation.

President Trump is unveiling his $1.5 trillion transportation plan today.

The Supreme Court could soon reverse a handful of its own decisions — and no, Roe v. Wade isn’t on the list.

A leader of the #MeToo movement in California, Cristina Garcia, a state Assemblywoman, is facing allegations of groping a former Capitol employee. She is taking a leave of absence until the investigation is completed.

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