Gold Dome: Sexual Harassment in the Judicial Branch

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The Colorado Judicial Department has paid out $55,000 in two years to victims of sexual harassment. In addition to those settlements, there were eight other investigations of allegations within the branch since 2012.

The Libertarian-leaning Independence Institute called out its five Colorado “Californians of the Year,” a clear shot at the left-leaning lawmakers.

Colorado’s unemployment rate ticked up but is still among the lowest in the U.S.

Denverite calls 2017 the “Year of the Protest,” with a look back at marches focused on the election, women’s rights, race and immigration.

Colorado lawmakers came through in approving emergency funding for the state’s health insurance program for children and pregnant women. The program will be extended for an additional month through February.

One issues coming up in the new legislative session: advocacy groups and businesses are pushing for a constitutional amendment in order to a change property tax assessment formula.

The Department of the Interior is mulling moving the BLM West. Colorado lawmakers are working on a proposal that would bring the federal office to the Western Slope.

Boulder County Commissioners are considering new local rules for its open spaces, including regulations for drone operators and regarding public assembly in open spaces among other things.

Rural sheriffs are agreeing that jail cells are “not the ideal place for a someone in the throes of a psychotic episode” and are behind a new law that will prohibit holding mentally ill people without charges.

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