Gold Dome: Tensions Rising With North Korea

President Donald Trump traded threats with North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un. North Korea responded with more threats, saying it would launch an attack on Guam.

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At the request of Sen. Cory Gardner, charges were dropped for all five of those who were arrested for protesting his health care stance outside his office.

Sen. Michael Bennet said the health care discussion should still focus on the existing system. The idea of moving to a single-payer system isn’t dead, though.

A batch of new laws is going into effect, including laws that allow people to break into a hot car in order to rescue an animal and changes to domestic violence reporting requirements for doctors.

Among those is a law requiring public schools to educate high school students on career paths that don’t require a college degree.

Lax data security at the Colorado Judicial Department led to a leak of private information on jurors, such as social security numbers. The department said it was not the result of a hack, but that the information was “inadvertently exposed.”

There’s been some talk this week about a possible bipartisan Kasich-Hickenlooper run — it’s not going to happen, but Hickenlooper is urging more bipartisanship.

Weld County commissioners held its meeting to talk about the county’s future for regulating oil and gas.

A DIA official is moving to a new role as the director of Denver’s Office of Economic Development. He will continue working with DIA.

Colorado rolled out a new Medicaid system in March, and the technical aspects of it have been a “nightmare” since then.

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