Gold Dome: One More Shot at Repeal and Replace

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U.S. House Republican leaders said they have enough votes for their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

A Jefferson County judge said an undocumented immigrant seeking refuge in a Denver church can proceed with her case claiming she had ineffective counsel.

Lawmakers are throwing a Hail Mary pass to loosen restrictions on liquor licenses for big box stores. The measure already passed in a House committee but just barely.

Rep. Pete Lee talks about his efforts this session to bring about juvenile justice reform.

House Democrats voted to kill another sanctuary city bill — this one would have blocked state funding to sanctuary cities.

There’s a big disparity in punishments for Denver sheriff’s deputies.

The House approved a bill that would funnel more investment money to Colorado’s tech startups.

Denver’s City Council mulled over sentencing changes that could shield immigrants from deportation.

The Senate approved the state budget bill, though perhaps a little begrudgingly.

Gov. John Hickenlooper is joining a group of governors asking President Trump not to pull out of the Paris Accord climate agreement.

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