Gold Dome: Law Day

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On Law Day, the ABA is focusing on the 14th Amendment, calling it a “mini-Constitution for modern times.”

Both of Colorado’s senators agreed on nominating Regina Rodriguez for a federal judge seat last year. Court Matter is urging them to put her name before the president again.

A position statement from prosecutors from around the country could push the federal government to act on marijuana.

Budget discussions and marijuana growers’ rights are the talk of the legislature this week.

Colorado’s youth corrections will stop using the straightjacket-like “wrap” restraint next year.

Gov. Hickenlooper vetoed a bill for the first time this session, blocking a bill that renewed a tax break for tobacco sellers.

As the legislative session nears its end, lawmakers are still negotiating a major spending bill.

Trump skipped the White House Correspondents Dinner, but he’s at least considering having a POTUS SCOTUS dinner.

Congress has managed to agree on one thing so far — avoiding a government shutdown until at least September.

Trump is guaranteeing health care coverage for preexisting conditions, but he hasn’t said how.

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