Gold Dome: Last Day in the Legislature

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Colorado’s senators are calling for investigations following Comey’s firing.

More than 190 bills are still outstanding in the legislature’s final day.

One of them is a CORA overhaul that previously appeared to be on its last breath.

Colorado’s last-ditch effort transportation bill hit a major roadblock.

After Republicans blocked Democrats’ oil and gas mapping bill, they saw their own gas-line hazard bill die, as well.

State legislators found last-minute compromise on a charter school funding bill.

And a bill to save funding for rural hospitals made it to its final vote.

The sponsor of a bill for conflict-free case management for individuals with intellectual disabilities talks about the bill’s importance.

President Trump hired a “leading law firm” in Washington to send a letter to Sen. Lindsay Graham to say he has no connections to Russia.

President Obama made his first public appearance since leaving office in his visit to Milan, where he discussed climate change and food production.

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