Gold Dome: Countdown to the End of the Session

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Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly identified the Boulder County commissioners as “oil and gas commissioners.” We apologize for the error.


The legislative session is nearly over, but there are still some outstanding big issues.

A last-minute bill could open up primaries in Colorado.

The Firestone home explosion puts Boulder County commissioners in a “frustrating position” regarding court orders ending the county’s moratorium.

A federal judge said Colorado schools don’t have standing to sue to overturn TABOR.

Federal energy policies could mean the end of Colorado’s Energy Office.

Despite the legislative success in construction defects reform, it’s likely to be a few years before new condos are built in Colorado.

President Trump’s travel ban will face another legal test today in a federal appeals court in Virginia.

Trump is also expected to make his first nominations for lower federal court judge seats today; though none will be filling the empty seats on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals or District of Colorado.

Some immigration activists in LA say no one should be deported — even those who have committed violent crimes.

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