Gold Dome: One Man, One Vote

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A group of advocacy groups and citizens flipped the script on Amendment 71 by claiming it violated the principle of “one man, one vote.”

Muslim inmates in a Sterling prison claimed correctional officers pepper sprayed them during their prayer meeting.

A bill opening up sanctuary cities to lawsuits from crime victims got approval from the state Senate.

Revisions to the Ban the Box bill aren’t enough to satisfy some Colorado business owners.

The Colorado Supreme Court overturned a Court of Appeals ruling, affirming a 36-year vehicular homicide sentence.

Colorado Democrats might flip the state Senate in 2018 and regain unified control.

Colorado Senate committee gives a wag to bill that would legalize online pet-sitting.

Senate confirms Sonny Perdue as agriculture secretary.

A bill to modernize Colorado’s Open Records Act gets its first hearing in the House.

House passes bipartisan construction litigation reform bill unanimously.

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