Gold Dome: Tax Day

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Protestors around the country demanded over the weekend that President Trump release his tax returns. And the longer he waits, the more he might put his plans for tax reform in jeopardy.

A bill that allows women to make fewer visits to the pharmacy for contraception is heading to the governor’s desk.

Colorado sportsmen said they’re willing to pay more for licenses if it means preserving their pastime.

A bill reforming school discipline for the youngest pupils died in committee. Teachers said it stripped them of classroom management tools.

The Denver City Council approved the $1 million settlement for the family of Jessica Hernandez.

Marijuana DUIs dropped 33 percent over the first part of the year, but officials are still concerned about high drivers on the roads.

The state Supreme Court upheld the state’s DUI laws in three cases dealing with warrantless blood draws.

A marijuana business is claiming that Aurora’s marijuana enforcement division didn’t give it fair consideration for a license.

Justice Neil Gorsuch made his presence known in his first day on the court.

The State of Arkansas was forced to cancel the first two in a series of eight executions planned for this month before a lethal injection drug expires.

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