Gold Dome: Leaning Right

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The French election is going to a runoff vote with centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right Marine Le Pen facing off.

Despite lawmakers coming to an agreement on construction defects last week, law firms that work on these cases are putting lots of money into political campaigns dealing with defects.

Gov. Hickenlooper hasn’t decided what he’ll do regarding the death sentence for Nathan Dunlap, but George Brauchler’s gubernatorial bid isn’t a major factor for him.

Jard Polis is considering a run for governor.

Coming up at the capitol this week: More on the transportation debate and DUI bills.

El Paso County is moving forward with plans to allow drones for government use.

Longmont this week will consider officially designating itself as a sanctuary city.

Hickenlooper signed a bill preventing double-taxation on businesses.

Arkansas is preparing for a double execution as the clock runs out on the state’s ability to use a lethal injection drug.

Two Harvard researchers found a parchment manuscript of the Declaration of Independence. The only other parchment copy is in the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

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