Gold Dome: Holy Smokes

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A new cannabis church is pushing the limits of the law on public consumption of pot.

Oil and gas was a hot issue in the legislature yesterday with wins and losses on both sides of the aisle.

Boulder County is about to end its moratorium on oil and gas operations, but Attorney General Cynthia Coffman’s lawsuit is still going.

Congressman Doug Lamborn held his first town hall of the year and faced many questions as well as jeers.

Money talks — Colorado economists sent a letter to President Trump saying immigration is a money-maker.

Sen. Cheri Jahn talked about how a research fund for opioid abuse got approved in a tight budget year.

A bill that would require landlords to give three weeks’ notice for rent hikes is seeing quick success in the legislature.

The City of Denver confirmed that it entered a settlement with the family of Jessica Hernandez for $1 million.

One of the biggest issues in his confirmation is still front and center — Gorsuch’s first vote could bring a major religious liberty and gay rights case to the full Supreme Court.

The Alabama Senate approved a bill to give a church the ability to create a security force with the powers of law enforcement.

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