Gold Dome: Hernandez Found Dead

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Less than a week after being acquitted of a double-murder, former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was found hanged in his cell. He was serving a life sentence for a separate murder that he had also appealed.

Colorado Politics reports that a deal has been reached on construction defects, and a bill is expected to pass in the House kill committee today.

A bill to bring a passenger train along the Front Range parallel to I-25 made it to the governor’s desk.

A Centennial accountant pleaded guilty to stealing upward of $11 million from clients. The plan slowly expanded since 2009 until he was cheating all of his clients.

Gov. John Hickenlooper said he doesn’t expect to need a special session to resolve the budget discussion.

Boulder City Council members voted to continue the city’s litigation with Xcel Energy, agreeing that they have a “moral imperative” to keep pursuing municipalization of the city’s energy.

A Boulder apartment complex set a record for per-unit price in its sale; each of the building’s 26 units was worth $600,000 in the $15.6 million sale.

A new bill requires every drinking fountain in Colorado’s public schools to be tested for lead, though some worry about the costs.

A federal lawsuit against the U.S. government claims that an undocumented immigrant was deported after being granted permission to stay as a Dreamer.

Pennsylvania follows South Carolina’s lead in retroactively recognizing the common law marriage of an LGBT couple after the Obergefell ruling.

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