Gold Dome: Filibustered

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Senate Democrats succeeded with a filibuster of Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination. Republicans are expected to use the “nuclear option” to respond and change filibusters from here on out.

Sen. Michael Bennet addressed the Senate with a plea to not filibuster, out of fear that judicial appointments will become “just another partisan exercise” and the next justice picked will be even less appealing to Democrats.

Three homeless people were found guilty of violating Denver’s camping ban. An attorney for Denver said, “The case is not about the answer to homelessness… Did they camp on public property?”

State Republicans are trying again at a bill to shift the responsibility for crimes in sanctuary cities — this time looking to make the municipality itself liable rather than the public officials.

The end of the legislative session is likely to end with some more partisan political fights than what have been seen so far.

Coal might be on the decline in Colorado, but solar energy and organic farming have seen an economic increase.

Colorado’s campaign finance system was on trial earlier this week.

The state Senate is considering a bill to crack down on counterfeit prescription drugs.

Although Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination is not yet confirmed, the Trump administration is preparing for its next Supreme Court pick.

The Democrats’ last-ditch effort to block Gorsuch’s nomination involved claims of plagiarism in his book.

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