Gold Dome: End of the Road for Transportation Measure

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A Senate committee said Colorado won’t raise sales taxes to raise transportation funds.

Justice Neil Gorsuch showed off his Western geography knowledge in arguments but unfortunately got it wrong.

Doug Robinson, an investment banker and nephew of Mitt Romney, said he will run for governor in Colorado.

Colorado Secretary of State said there is an investigation of the state’s “Hamilton Elector.”

A federal judge blocked President Trump’s order to restrict federal funding for sanctuary cities.

Trump vowed to take that fight to the Supreme Court.

Colorado’s small businesses showed gratitude to the Republican-led Senate and the governor for easing their tax burden.

A bill that would have made it easier for unauthorized immigrants to renew their driver’s licenses failed in a Senate committee.

The Senate’s “mod squad” have tipped the scales against the party line in a few instances this year.

Boulder County isn’t ending its fight against the oil and gas industry, even though it is ending the moratorium.

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