Gold Dome: Wikileaks Edition

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Wikileaks released thousands of documents that it says reveal CIA hacking into phones, computers and TVs.

You might have heard, but SCOTUS sided with a Colorado defendant by saying juror bias can be a reason for a retrial. But some are saying the decision doesn’t provide enough direction.

Fort Collins proposed a new city ordinance that puts limits on short-term vacation rentals.

The EPA is preparing to shutter two of its regional offices, but Denver’s is thought to be safe.

A new bill seeks to prevent the use of jails for mental health holds.

Sen. Cory Gardner said the new ACA replacement doesn’t do enough for those on Medicaid.

The Trump administration revealed its updated travel ban, which is scaled back to only block those who don’t already have a valid visa.

And an association for immigration judges said there needs to be a focus on the courts to handle the soon-to-be-worse backlog of cases.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he was “correct” in saying he did not have communications with the Russians as part of the campaign, despite meeting with the Russian ambassador twice.

Session’s deputy-to-be is expected to have a hard time seeking confirmation in light of questions about Russian involvement in the presidential campaign.

A House committee gave approval to a bill that would limit marijuana home grows.

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