Gold Dome: Sessions Recuses Himself

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In the aftermath of the revelation that he met with the Russian ambassador, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he will recuse himself from investigations involving the presidential campaign.

Sen. Cory Gardner has a Seattle Seahawks lineman joining him for a three-week externship in D.C. We’re wondering why not a Bronco.

The Court of Appeals said the state can’t spend business filing fees on non-business programs.

A nonprofit think tank estimates Colorado makes more than $139 million in taxes from its undocumented immigrants.

The ICE agents recorded waiting in a Denver courthouse were there to arrest a four-time felon.

A Republican bill to give small businesses leeway on state regulations died in committee.

The Senate gave its go-ahead on ballot selfies.

Should Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings be delayed until after all campaign investigations are completed?

A new report suggests shackling juvenile offenders has created a “culture of violence” at Colorado’s juvenile detention facilities.

The Supreme Court case involving a transgender boy’s right to the school bathroom of his choice has some big backers — including Apple and Amazon.

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