Gold Dome: No Blizzard Here

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You wouldn’t know if by looking outside, but a major snowstorm is pummeling the Northeast, with many snowed in and planning to stay that way for days to come.

Some Longmont residents are trying to take their airport noise complaint to the Supreme Court.

A Senate committee killed a bill that would have banned corporal punishment from public schools.

A bill to cap the amount of homegrown medical marijuana passed in the House. Legislators are looking at the bill as a way to help control organized crime.

House Democrats are looking to add a demographic impact statement to the end of every bill to show the impact on different classes of people.

Boulder County residents are holding a rally today ahead of the public meeting regarding the county’s oil and gas moratorium.

The fracking fight is turning into a battle of inches — Rep. Mike Foote is looking to clarify fracking setbacks to be 1,000 feet from the property line rather than the “front door” of schools, homes and other buildings.

The DOJ responded to a lawsuit from Hawaii challenging President Trump’s travel ban by saying the harms cited by the state are speculative.

And a Wisconsin judge took a more pointed approach in blocking the new travel ban only for the family of a Syrian refugee.

The new head of the ACLU had a very different vision for his job when he took it last summer.

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