Gold Dome: Hearing Out Gorsuch

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Judge Neil Gorsuch will begin confirmation hearings for a Supreme Court seat today.

Eyes are on Sen. Michael Bennet to see which way he votes on Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation.

With Boulder County facing a lawsuit over its oil and gas moratorium, why isn’t the City of Boulder?

Colorado had the fourth-highest voter turnout in the country in the November election.

A new construction defects bill introduced last week keeps hope alive despite other bills’ failure.

A bill to set up a new drone research facility passed in the House. The research will focus on drone use in public safety situations, such as firefighting and search and rescue.

State schools could see a growing deficit after legislators are done with this year’s budget.

A TABOR bill, the state’s transportation budget plan and conversion therapy are among the big bills being heard in the legislature this week.

The Colorado Office of Economic Development has a strategy to overcome “cow town” perceptions: impress coastal businesses with the state’s startup culture and entrepreneurship, rather than the mountains and work-life balance.

FBI director James Comey is testifying on an investigation into Russian involvement in the presidential election today.

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