Gold Dome: Feeling Lucky

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Have some downtime this weekend? There is no shortage of St. Patricks Day festivities around the Front Range.

House Republicans are outraged over the state’s new transportation plan, with some saying they never saw the bill before it was rolled out.

A judge granted a new hearing in the death penalty appeal for Sir Mario Owens after claims of one juror’s misconduct.

The state House approved a bill that would rewrite TABOR to change the formula for revenue limits.

House Minority Leader Patrick Neville wants to overhaul the state’s budget process.

The state ordered two Nederland pot businesses to stop soliciting investments without a license.

President Trump’s first jobs report shows steady growth.

The Washington attorney general said the temporary restraining order from January’s travel ban should be applied to the new one.

Jeff Hays gained support from Attorney General Cynthia Coffman in his bid for state GOP chair.

Metropolitan State University faculty sued the university claiming retaliation for what they referred to as a “sexually hostile work environment.”

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