Gold Dome: Health Care Hurdles

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The House Budget Committee passed the GOP leadership-proposed health care bill Thursday morning—bringing Republicans one step closer to repealing and replacing Obamacare. The panel passed the President Trump-supported American Health Care Act in a 19-17 vote and now heads to the House Rules Committee.

The Republican health plan would create a $1 billion annual shortfall in Colorado’s state budget starting in 2020, a figure that would grow to $2 billion a year by 2030 and could result in 600,000 Coloradans losing health insurance, according to the Colorado Health Institute.

DEA agents and law enforcement are serving search warrants at locations accused of having links to illegal marijuana growing operations in more than 20 homes in the metro area as part of an operation to shut down an organization that ships marijuana out of state.

Colorado had the fourth-highest voter turnout in the November presidential election, according to a report released Thursday. It’s the third consecutive presidential election in which Colorado has ranked among the top five in terms of turnout.

As pressure rises on various Washington issues, some lawmakers have focused on controlled groups of constituents and teleconferences with voters. In Colorado, Sen. Michael Bennet will start two days of town halls across Colorado with Colorado Springs.

A federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide order Wednesday evening blocking President Trump’s ban on travel from parts of the Muslim world. Trump vows to appeal against ruling to the Supreme Court.

President Trump released a partial outline of his 2018 budget on Thursday, proposing billions of dollars in spending cuts to government agencies to pay for large increases in military and homeland security spending.

Liberal groups continue to fight as Judge Neil Gorsuch prepares for his Supreme Court hearings. Here is a look at some other major confirmations fights — and how they turned out.

Volkswagen is developing a reputation for reliability in European courts. Burdened with nearly 2,000 lawsuits filed by car owners affected by the diesel scandal, the German carmaker and its dealers have been settling cases before appellate court hearings occur.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reverting back to former anti-drug tactics to face America’s opioid epidemic and rise in violent crimes, such as law enforcement crackdowns that jail more criminals.

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