Gold Dome: Watching the Ninth Circuit

We’ll be watching this afternoon’s oral arguments on President Trump’s immigration ban. Here’s the rundown of the developments so far.

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Betsy DeVos was narrowly confirmed as Secretary of Education.

The DOJ yesterday urged a federal appeals court to reinstate President Trump’s immigration moratorium. The court will give its ruling today.

Trump asked the public to blame the judge if “something happens” after his decision to block the immigration executive orders.

Judge Neil Gorsuch met with Sen. Michael Bennet over the weekend — but there’s still no word which way the Senator might vote on his confirmation.

State lawmakers didn’t waste any time in going out to the Trump administration for help with I-25.

A new law looks to more clearly distinguish the rules for emotional support animals.

Englewood is considering an overhaul its sex offender rules after a law essentially banned registered offenders from the entire city.

Despite many states increasing gas taxes, Colorado Republicans are considering removing them.

El Paso County is getting some Bernie Sanders influence with supporter Electra Johnson being named Democratic Party chair.

Donald Trump and the State of California are “going to war with each other.”

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