Gold Dome: Super Weekend

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up this weekend, which begs the question of whether your watch party violates copyright law of if your online bets are being made illegally.

Correction: This post originally had incorrect information about CORA’s application to the state judicial department’s records. The state does have internal rules making its records public. 

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A state House panel rejected a bill that would have opened up Colorado’s judicial department to CORA requests.

Officials in Colorado Springs will have to decide the limits of self-defense in two cases involving the “make my day” law.

A handful of protestors took issue with Judge Gorsuch’s Hobby Lobby ruling and gathered outside the 10th Circuit Courthouse yesterday.

A recent report showed that more Colorado employers are saying pot’s not a problem and dropping pre-employment screenings for marijuana.

Gov. Hickenlooper took off for Cuba yesterday but the trip is about building business relationships, not sunshine and cigars.

More than 40 lawsuits have been filed challenging President Trump’s immigration executive orders. But questions of standing remain.

On the verge of repeal, the Affordable Care Act is more popular than ever. For the first time in its existence, more people see it as a good idea than a bad idea.

Steamboat Springs says marijuana is a boost to its economy.

Kelly Anne Conway reminds us all to remember the Bowling Green Massacre. You might have forgotten about it because there never was one. She said her slip up was a mistake similar to those from the news media.

Executive director of the Arc of Arizona warned that Colorado should be wary of ADA-related “drive-by lawsuits.”

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