Gold Dome: Super Bowl Fallout

Last night’s Super Bowl is already being considered the best ever. But the bigger stories this morning are asking what happened to Tom Brady’s jersey and when commercials became so political.

Editor’s Note: Friday’s Under the Gold Dome included incorrect information about CORA’s application to the state judicial department’s records. The state does have internal rules making its records public. We apologize for the error.

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Here’s your rundown of capitol happenings for the week ahead.

Connect for Health Colorado is looking to the future despite the likely loss of the ACA.

Colorado’s newest attempt at construction defects reform might not be different enough from previous attempts.

A bill that would allow school faculty and employees to keep weapons in the building advanced in the legislature, despite concerns that it could increase school violence.

A crowd estimated to be in the thousands gathered in Civic Center Park to show support for the state’s Muslim community.

We’re hearing a lot about Neil Gorsuch, who could potentially be Colorado’s second Supreme Court Justice, but what about Byron White, who was Colorado’s first?

Colorado’s “Make My Day” law is coming into play in two Colorado Springs cases; here’s the rundown of how the law works.

Former security officials joined in a court filing to call out President Trump’s immigration orders.

President Trump’s trade plans have many U.S. companies unsure about NAFTA’s future.

Homeless sweeps have gained much negative attention, but cleaning up homeless camps is expensive for taxpayers as well.

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