Gold Dome: Path to Repeal

A bill to repeal Colorado’s state health care exchange passed its first test in a Senate committee.

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Former Colorado Speaker of the House John Fuhr died last week at 88.

There’s no vote yet on the confirmation of attorney general-nominee Jeff Sessions, but the Senate did vote to silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren after she violated a rule by impugning Sessions. Sessions’ confirmation vote will come later today.

No “Idaho Stop” for Colorado, a Senate committee said yesterday.

Some Colorado residents are taking issue with new large oil and gas drilling sites, despite them being allowed by new state rules.

A battery of firearms-related bills will be heard in the legislature today.

A Senate bill to bring changes to the PERA board was recently introduced and will be heard next week.

Two people who were asked to leave Denver International Airport during protests are now taking a legal fight to the city.

A group backed by Bernie Sanders is looking to shake up the Democratic party and is taking aim at Colorado.

A panel of 9th Circuit judges seemed skeptical of, and sometimes frustrated with, the Department of Justice’s position in arguments regarding President Trump’s immigration order. The court is expected to give its ruling this week. The court’s livestream of the arguments brought in an audience of more than 136,000 viewers and listeners.

Betsy DeVos’ confirmation as Secretary of Education was split 50-50, and public reactions were similarly split, with protests of Sen. Cory Gardner as well as celebrations.

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