Gold Dome: Oil and Gas Battle Looming in Boulder

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Boulder County kept its oil and gas moratorium active despite a looming court battle. And a Boulder County Senator had some criticism of Attorney General Cynthia Coffman regarding her stance on the issue.

Colorado’s anti-abortion bill failed by one vote.

Sen. Ken Lambert is taking the long view for his new transportation bill.

The death penalty will be discussed in the legislature again this week, but some say it’s unlikely to leave committee.

And here is the rundown on other bills coming up this week.

“Drive-by Lawsuits” involving ADA claims are raising hackles for business owners who say it is a predatory practice.

Protestors on both sides of the Planned Parenthood funding issue held rallies over the weekend.

The White House is considering issuing a new immigration order.

President Trump is dividing citizens on political lines, and that can be seen all the way down to the state legislature.

Gov. Hickenlooper shook up his communications team last week.

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