Gold Dome: Interstellar Discovery

NASA announced yesterday that it found seven earth-sized planets in our cosmic neighborhood (more than 40 light years away) that are the new best guess housing for alien life.

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Protestors should have easier access to Denver International Airport, according to a federal judge.

Governor John Hickenlooper and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock welcomed refugees to Colorado at a Union Station reception.

A Republican bill intended to hold public officials accountable for the crimes of illegal immigrants died in committee.

Two Boulder Junction developers who sued the city were removed from their positions on the City Council.

A Denver District Court judge blocked Fort Collins’ ban on public toplessness for women.

President Trump undid the Obama administration’s directive on transgender bathroom rights.

The 4th Circuit upheld a ban on military-style rifles, saying the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to “weapons of war.”

Some immigrants are living under self-imposed house arrest out of fear of ICE agents.

Sen. Cory Gardner got national attention for the local town halls held without him.

A major outdoor gear trade show is leaving Utah after protests; Colorado is on the list of possible new homes.

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