Gold Dome: Hickenlooper 2020

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Gov. John Hickenlooper is already considering a 2020 presidential run.

Longmont’s city council is looking to fight a law that would make local governments liable for paying mineral rights holders market values if they impose a fracking ban.

Congress is in recess, and many people are wondering why their congressmen aren’t holding town halls.

Cory Gardner’s town hall is going on with or without him. Most likely without him.

A Washington Post editorial claims that Judge Gorsuch “always sides with big businesses, big donors and big bosses.”

Rural hospitals around the state are worrying about what will happen to their funding without Obamacare.

Denver Public Schools is working to reassure immigrant families that their children are safe in city schools.


The U.S. Supreme Court is considering a case that will decide whether the Constitution’s guarantees extend across the U.S.-Mexico border to would-be immigrants.

President Trump picked his new National Security Adviser.

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