Gold Dome: Drama at the Oscars

Even if you’re not interested in the Oscar Awards show, last night’s mix-up for the winner of the biggest award of the night is worthy of attention.

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Lawmakers today will hear a TABOR reform bill that would decrease its power.

Also at the Capitol this week: construction defects, charter schools and gay conversion therapy.

Sen. Michael Bennet is keeping mum on whether he’ll oppose a Democrat filibuster of Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation.

The Trump administration said it will crack down on marijuana, but industry groups and the state AG say they will defend Colorado’s legalization.

And a water court judge said that water rights can be issued specifically for pot grows.

Some state prosecutors say a 2015 DUI law change has made it harder to crack down on repeat offenders.

President Trump blocked some news organizations from a White House press meeting last week. Now, some First Amendment activists say the newspapers should sue.

SCOTUSBlog took a look at the toughest cases Judge Neil Gorsuch dealt with as a law clerk on the Supreme Court.

President Trump might reveal how he plans to fulfill his promise of rewriting the tax code. And that has some lobbyists scrambling.

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