Gold Dome: A Day Without Immigrants

Immigration news is leading headlines today as construction companies, restaurants and businesses prepare for a nationwide protest on “A Day Without Immigrants.”

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One Colorado newspaper is fighting back against a state Senator’s claims that it printed “fake news” by filing a libel lawsuit.

A Denver mother is seeking sanctuary through the help of an immigration attorney and a church, despite her pending deportation.

A bill to repeal the death penalty failed in committee on a 3-2 vote; and prosecutors in El Paso county are pursuing a death sentence for the first time in a decade.

State Democrats are leading a renewed effort to decide presidential elections by popular vote — and they’re hoping it catches on around the country.

Another key piece of previous years’ construction defects bills was brought back in this year’s reform efforts.

A new report shows rising home prices and mortgage prices are a “double whammy” for home buyers.

A Senate committee gave initial approval to a “constitutional carry” gun bill.

Democrats defeated a bill that would have removed state funding from institutions that use tissues from aborted fetuses.

A bill to expand Colorado’s Open Records law is set to get a hearing after being pulled before its initial hearing.

The largest coal-fired power plant in the West is closing because of the expense — so what about Colorado’s plants?

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