Under the Gold Dome: Secession Petitions Continue to Grow

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NUTELLA TAX: France seeks to tax fatty foods to help finance national health care.

FREE DAYS: Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today announced dates in 2013 when more than 2,000 national parks, national forests, and other federal lands will offer free admittance to everyone.

SECESSION PETITIONS: 32 states have filed petitions; Colorado has more than 17,00 signatures.

BOOZE:SODA The caloric ratio.

IN CU NEWS: Student leaders will be lobbying  the Legislature to charge undocumented students who grew up in Colorado in-state tuition rates.

IN NORTHERN COLORADO NEWS: Jeff Nuttall discusses a new brand of politics.

IN DOUGLAS COUNTY NEWS: A judge has reversed the county’s approval of a permit that could inspire new legislation.

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DIDN’T MISS THE PARTY: Election victories of political independents and third parties.

WRITING ON THE WALL: Public murals inspire the wrong kind of awe (bonus: more on Gessler’s voter fraud witch-hunt).


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