Under the Gold Dome: Don’t Spend All Your Money on Twinkies Yet

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APPLICABLE APPLICATION: A new app allows skiers and boarders to track their sick jumps and spins.

HE SAID IT: “Our feeling is the only thing worse than change that’s not fast enough is change that’s so fast it can’t incrementally build on itself, and it craters,” – Matt Smith on Senate Bill 10-191

SILENCE OF THE BELLS: This holiday season you won’t see any Salvation Army Santas in Colorado Springs.

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A NEW IDENTITY? Voter-approved tax hikes could transform bastion of conservatism El Paso County.

PAPERS PROMPTING POLITICS: The Denver Post’s and 9News’ investigations into Colorado’s child protection system have brought the issue back to the table for the 2013 legislative session.

THIS MAY NOT BE THE END: A federal bankruptcy judge has ordered Hostess and its union to go to mediation.

ORDER THEM NOW! Our Colorado Revised Statutes e-book on KindleNook and coming soon in iTunes.

JUST DON’T MAKE IT A HOBBY: A federal judge has denied Hobby Lobby the right to deny customers the morning-after pill.

POLITICAL ADS AFFECTING POLICY? In the case of fossil fuels, maybe. [Infographic]

SOCIAL MEDIA AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Women may have to provide passwords and transcripts of their social media accounts to aid the defense of the employers they sue.


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