Under the Gold Dome: Coffman and Polis Working Together

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WON’T BE LEFT OUT THIS THURSDAY: The Veggiducken could become a vegetarian Thanksgiving staple.

HE SAID IT: “I voted against Amendment 64 and I strongly oppose the legalization of marijuana, but I also have an obligation to respect the will of the voters, given the passage of this initiative, and so I feel obligated to support this legislation,” – Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CD6)

ON BROPHY’S AGENDA: The Senator tweeted about his futuristic bill proposal.

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IN THE SPIRIT OF THE HOLIDAY: The Arc of Colorado with 11 local chapters of The Arc is most thankful to Gov. John Hickenlooper for extraordinary support for people with developmental disabilities.

PRICE HIKE: One of the oldest federal services is raising its prices by $.01.

STILL FRUSTRATED: The national recession may have formally ended, but the downturn lingers on for more than 28,000 Colorado Springs area residents who remain out of work.

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HIGHER EDUCATION LEGISLATION: Elections portend sweeping changes to higher education funding.

IN BOULDER NEWS: There’s something fishy in Thunderbird Lake.


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