Under the Gold Dome: Budgets, Bomb Threats and Black Friday

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ELECTIONS OVER, TIME FOR BUDGETS: Our unique TABOR amendment makes Colorado voters responsible for our budget.

NOT TO BE IGNORED: A post-election poll analysis of the Latino vote in Colorado.

BLACK FRIDAY RESCHEDULED: This year consumers will be flocking to retail stores before their Thanksgiving food coma has passed.

CIVILIAN BEAT: Chief Robert White expects the Denver Police Department to save an estimated $600,000 annually when civilians are hired to fill about 30 jobs now held by officers.

PEYTON POT PUNS: On Sunday Mr. Manning passed his career touchdown No. 420.

HE SAID IT: “We were all just sitting and eating lunch and one of the head waiters came up and told us we needed to evacuate the building.” – Thomas Dubray

FURRY PIONEER: Wolverine M56 is making Colorado his home while feds debate his species’ status.

PETITION FOR SECESSION: Louisiana is among 15 states seeking to peacefully withdraw from the United States of America via Whitehouse.gov petitions.

TRUCKING AND TRAFFICKING: Truckers are uniting to battle human trafficking.

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