Under the Gold Dome: Back to Oil and Gas

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007: Fifty years, six actors and here’s all 23 movies from best to worst.

HEALTH CARE IN COLORADO: “Obama-care” may be here to stay but many issues are still being debated on health care’s post-election future.

SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: Mark Ferrandino (D) has been named Colorado’s first openly gay Speaker.

COLORADO GENERAL ASSEMBLY: A change in its demographics, more blacks, more latinos, more gays and an Indian native.

IF YOU THOUGHT IT WAS BAD THIS TIME: Political ad spending could increase in the 2016 election.

CHANGING POLICY? We’ve heard the stories: from a high-school baseball team member expelled for having a baseball bat in his car to the 6-year-old expelled for making a “finger gun.” Schools’ zero tolerance policies may not be working.

THE WESTERN SLOPES: Soon to be home to up to 4,000 new natural gas wells.

HE SAID IT: “The Thompson Divide exemplifies how complex land management can be, with multiple federal agencies working with local governments and private stakeholders, and strongly divergent views among the non-federal parties,” – Steven Hall, BLM communications director

REGROUPING: Colorado Republicans examine what went wrong and what needs to change.

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