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Video Shows Dispute Between MMJ Advocates, Sonnenberg


A video made available on You Tube by the Cannabis Therapy Institute shows a previously reported encounter last week between medical marijuana advocates and Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg.

The video depicts Sonnenberg politely asking the videographer to turn off the camera. It’s at 01:50. When the videographer protests, Sonnenberg and several people depart for a meeting in his “private office.”

A person identified as advocate Miguel Lopez then calls out to the representative. Another person’s voice also is heard. The words “secret police, secret police” are called out. Sonnenberg returns to tear up a proposed amendment he was to carry on behalf of the medical-pot advocates. It’s at 02:31.

Later, lobbyist Kara Miller is shown upbraiding the advocates for making the videotape. “You’re cutting off your nose to spite your face,” she says.

The existence of the video was first reported by Westword.

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