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Bill Proposes Changes to the Procedure for Prosecution of Sex Offenders


SB11-007, introduced by Sen. Kevin Grantham (R-Pueblo) and Rep. Jon Becker (R-Adams) and has its initial hearing early next week, proposes to make changes to regulations regarding where sex offenders who fail to register as such are tried and incarcerated for the offense.

Under current laws, a sex offender who does not register in their place of residence after being released from incarceration is sent back to the location where they served their sentence for trial and possible further jail time.

With this bill, Grantham and Becker aim to change these regulations, arguing that this responsibility places an unfair burden on the prisons involved – the cost of transporting and holding the prisoner lies with.

Both men represent Crowley County, which houses a state prison frequently placed in this position. Both also stress that when this occurs, it tends to be a hardship and an inconvenience for the prison, which doesn’t have the budget for dealing with crimes that occurred outside of its jurisdiction.

Although this is a bill introduced by Republicans to a Senate that remains under control of the Democrats, Grantham is optimistic about the bill’s chances. “This is not a partisan issue,” he said. But, though he hasn’t heard of any yet, he won’t “pretend that it will be without opposition.” In light of this, Grantham makes it clear that he encourages anybody’s input on the bill.

The first hearing for this bill will be at 1:30 p.m. Monday before the Senate Judiciary Committee in Senate Committee Room 356.

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