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Tancredo Slams Ex-Gov. Owens For Assisting Gov.-Elect Hickenlooper


Conservative firebrand Tom Tancredo blasted bipartisanship in an op-ed that appeared over the weekend.

In the opinion piece that ran on World Net Daily— a conservative blog — Tancredo slammed former-Gov. Bill Owens for joining Gov.-elect John Hickenlooper’s transition team. Tancredo believes Owens, a Republican, has been “co-opted” by the Democrats and will end up hurting the Republican cause.

“Selling out your party’s platform and policy agenda before the first shot is fired is a form of pre-emptive compromise that ought to be called by its right name: surrender,” he wrote. “It is not bipartisanship in search of genuine solutions; it is gamesmanship in search of favorable press clippings. Such behavior may be acceptable to ‘party elders’ who are accountable to no one, but it is not acceptable for elected representatives sent to the capitol to tackle tough problems and seek real solutions based on constitutional principles.”

Owens was one of several Republicans named to Hickenlooper’s transition team. Not all prominent GOP figures argued that it was a bad idea for Owens to join forces with Hickenlooper.

“We applaud Governor-elect Hickenlooper for naming Governor Owens as a co-chair of his transition team,” said a statement from Sen. Mike Kopp, R-Littleton, earlier this month. “We hope the governor-elect will continue to surround himself with individuals with a proven track record of finding efficiencies, eliminating government waste and streamlining regulatory policies to encourage business growth in Colorado.”

Tancredo wrote that bipartisanship is practical when lawmakers must slightly alter ongoing programs that most of the public supports. However, Tancredo believes the type of bipartisanship in which Republicans like Owens join Hickenlooper’s transition team is a political ploy that is falling into Democrats’ hands. He wrote that having it seem like Hickenlooper is coming from a bipartisan place makes it easy for Democrats to brand Republicans who don’t support Hickenlooper’s agenda as being “partisan obstructionists.”

Tancredo added in the op-ed that Republicans should make good on their promise to roll back “Obamacare and other expansions of government” instead of agreeing with Democrats on issues that would expand government.

“The clock is running out for the Republican Party,” he wrote in the op-ed. “If they do not begin delivering on their promises, the grass-roots citizens’ rebellion that swept them into office will find another vehicle for restoring constitutional liberties.”

Tancredo, who ran as an American Constitution Party candidate, lost to Hickenlooper this month in the general election for governor.

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